HazTab makes Workplace Safety & Compliance Fast & Efficient

The Safety Company developed from the ground up by a Mining & Construction Industry worker. The HazTab Paperless Forms App streamlines processes, saves time, cuts costs and assists with ascertaining ISO Standards Certification 4801 and 18001. Finally, Safety at Your Fingertips.

Providing ‘Safety at your Fingertips’
through world-class technologies.
• Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)
• Rugged to Military-Grade Hardware


Why Use HazTab?


Accident Prevention

Reduce risks to workers from incomplete, inaccurate, outdated or missing detailed hazard identification.


Resource Management

Upload Iso Drawings, SWNS and MSDS forms, policies, procedures and other literature for instant availability to users in the field.


Enhance Communication

Overcome chronic miscommunication when information has to be shared between multiple parties at remote sites.


No More Lost Paperwork

Locating lost or damaged paperwork is a thing of the past with Haztab. Share, store update & retrieve documents in the palm of your hand.


Plot Progress

HazTab provides managers with personnel, statistics, and the scope of works and job groups in real time from any location.



Hold employees accountable in the field and monitor personnel on and off site or working under a ‘live permit’.


Instant Cloud Access

Instant access to resources such as maps, plans, diagrams, work guides, procedures, reports and data improves productivity.


Streamline Paperwork

No more double or triple handling paperwork. HazTab ensures improved accuracy and eliminates the need to manually enter data.


Lock in Accuracy

Eliminate inaccuracies caused by partially completed forms, non-standardised forms across job sites and data tampering.


Exploit Technology

Exploit Digital Technology by matching photographs of equipment, tools or machinery with forms regarding the tasks carried out.


Environmental Security

Guard against environmental incidents and issues with up to the minute reporting and feedback capability from the field.


Portal Management

Track and manage your business from anywhere in the world with a birds-eye view of your operations from your cloud-based Portal.

Haztab’s Business Partners


Corporate Partners & Memberships

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Flexible. Powerful. Mobile.

‘Haztab harnesses the capability of Apps, the power of iCloud and the mobility of smart phones and tablets to generate a safer, paperless work environment’


By using your existing forms we’ll customize and transform them into quick and easy to use ‘smart’ forms packed with an array of ‘simplified’ in-form features. A “Powerful Web Management Portal” allows for key-personnel to track, monitor and manage your business and workforce from anywhere.
By ‘making paperwork, paperless’ like JSEA’s, SWMS, Permits, Reports, Check-lists and more; this not only streamlines your business, puts an end to lost or damaged documents, enables management & their workforce to be interconnected in real time but to also improve communication and accountability.
Our customers are already benefiting from reduced downtime, improved hazard identification, increased efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

“HazTab evolved from my experience of frustratingly long periods of down time, loss of productivity, lack of accountability and risk of injury working in the field. I felt there had to be a better way.”

Mark Grant developed HazTab "from the ground up" ... literally.

As the Director of Haztab I’ve had first-hand experience within the mining, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas industries. I understand the day to day problems, safety issues and delays incurred out in the field and on site.
I saw the need for greater accountability, optimized safety, time management and readily accessible information … and began developing Haztab.
Haztab is powered by Mobile Interactive Technologies company ‘Formitize’, the

Mark Grant, pictured, developed HazTab “from the ground up” … literally!

market-leading technology solution for paperless forms and mobile processes in the world. Clients include Small and Medium Enterprises right through to Government Agencies and a wide range of the largest global corporations including GE, Microsoft, Mars, Coca Cola, Samsung & NEC across 80+ industries globally.
To discuss how HazTab can streamline your work environment with improved work flow, productivity and safety, email us at info@haztab.com.au

Where Paperless Solutions Meet Safety …
and that’s just the beginning!

Smart Capabilities and Integration


Desktop, Smart Phone and Tablet Friendly

Work from the office, out on site or on the road. HazTab adapts across Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone & Tablets seamlessly.


Mobile Forms

Create custom mobile forms to suit your business with over 20 smart-form tools to make your workflow paperless.


Customized Reports

Managers can build customized, real-time or scheduled reports and have them automatically sent to the right people in an instant with action-triggered words.


Plot Progress

 HazTab provides Managers with advanced statistics as they see their mobile workforce send & receive smart forms directly from the field.


Instant downloads From Field to Database

Capture information from your workforce in real time. Such as ‘Tool Box Talk’, Attendees, on- or off-site registers, JSEAs and permits.


Real Time Dashboard

Monitor all field activities and advanced statistics in real-time from your cloud-based Management Portal including integrated workflows and much more.


Instant Cloud Access

 Instant access to resources such as maps, plans, diagrams, work guides, procedures, reports and data improves productivity.


Safe and Secure

All of your mobile form data is safely secured in the cloud supported by world leading high availability, fully redundant architecture.


Job Dispatcher

Schedule a job, attach forms required, pre-populate with known data and dispatch instantly to mobile users with full job tracking.


Photo Tagging

Watch your dashboard Photo Stream in real-time as images from the field are tagged, ready for simple searching and viewing.

Work Online or Off

No network? No problem! Your App will work perfectly with or without a network connection and will even auto sync when you do manage to get back online.


Internal Form Data

Integrate simple or complex inter-relational lookup tables and databases directly into your mobile forms for efficiency.


Workflow Contact

Your mobile forms move through your workflow with new sections adding automatically and notifications auto-sent to next users.


2-Way Interaction

Management receives instant notification of form submissions. New sections appear for comment or action & are automatically returned to the user.


Export Your Data

Our API’s enable integration of data into existing systems, output to standard formats and integration with more than 200 software solutions.

Even More Features …

Job Creator
Report Generator
Conditional Logic
Catalogue/Look Up
Auto Dispatch
HTML Reports

Compulsory Fields
Form Analytics
Integrated Work Flow
XML Feeds
Add Other

Action Triggers
CSV Generator
Photo Stream
Social Plugins
CSV Report Tool

Photo Editor
Agent Setup
Advanced Statistics
Sequential No.s
Overlay Drawing
and more

In-Form Smart Features


In-form Signatures

Management & Supervisors can review, alter and authorise forms from anywhere on/off site or base office. Signature Collection, Improved time management & reduced paperwork.


Integrated GPS Tracking

Automatically ‘fetch’ your exact location for pinpoint accuracy using your mobile form’s advanced GPS Tracking capability.

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Save time. You can easily search for your company workforce’s trades, tickets, licences and competencies using the search function.


In-form Calculations

Perform a range of simple or more complex calculations right from within your smart forms.


Photo Capture

Take, tag, save, and submit photos during job tasks. Document steps in procedures, or capture risks. Explain, present and optimize photos by marking and drawing directly on to the photos.



Workers can access resources on the spot including Scopes, Risk Rankings, Safe Operating Procedures, Standard Work Guides, SWMS, Maps, Plans, Drawings & MSDS’s. Easily flick between forms, jobs & resources.



Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanner brings product details straight in to tablet forms. Great for onsite stores, tools & gear, parts and consumables.


Time & Date Stamping

Automatically add time and date to your forms for easy version control. Avoid post-incident data tampering with auto time & date stamping and even post-authorisation signature requirements.


Drawing & Diagrams

Add simple or complex drawings and diagrams for effective communication without leaving your smart forms.


Instant Form Validation

In-form validation gives you instant feedback from your field workforce. No more wasted time “transporting” forms from the field to the office, or site to site.


Auto fill-in boxes.

The Common Auto-Fill function makes filling out multiple check-lists much more efficient, fast and accurate.


Voice Record/Translate

Don’t have time to type? Use the voice recording built into your paperless forms. The voice over feature can be used as a handover between shift changes/job groups, recording comments specific to the task.

"I felt there had to be a better way to satisfy the safety and productivity requirements paperwork is designed to address."

Mark Grant, HazTab Director

"Our signature product is a paperless form and management solution developed in collaboration with Formitize."

Mark Grant, HazTab Director

"The mobility of the App combined with the monitoring and reporting ability of the management portal is the perfect platform for future safety."

Mark Grant, HazTab Director

"HazTab offers safety at your fingertips through world class technology."

Mark Grant, HazTab Director

Powerful Web Management Portal

Track and manage your workforce from anywhere.

powerful portal

Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Integration

HazTab plays really well with others!

Powerfully integrating with more than
200 cloud based solutions globally.

A full API has been developed for connecting with third party software providers. HazTab integrates with other providers including Google, Xero, Capsule, Mailchimp, WordPress and hundreds more.

Meet the Team

Mark Grant, HazTab Director

Mark Grant, HazTab Director Read more

The man behind HazTab ... the world-class solution for Mining & Construction Safety. Driving new efficiencies, standards & practices.

Facebook LinkedIn
Matt Burge, Formitize CEO

Matt Burge, Formitize CEO Read more

Matt is CEO of Formitize, the market leading technology solution for paperless forms and mobile processes in the world.

Facebook LinkedIn
Phil Burge, Formitize BDM

Phil Burge, Formitize BDM Read more

Phil is Business Development Manager at Formitize, a Global Software and App Development company.

Facebook LinkedIn
Cam Outridge, Web Manager

Cam Outridge, Web Manager Read more

Cameron works with CEO and Director Mark Grant to manage web development and the HazTab website. Cameron and wife Tanya own marketing firm CustomerGetters.

Facebook LinkedIn
Laura Aprile, HazTab BDM

Laura Aprile, HazTab BDM Read more

Laura is the acting Business Development Manager for HazTab and presents with a strong renewable energy and public relations background on a nation-wide scale.

Tanya Outridge, Marketing

Tanya Outridge, Marketing Read more

Tanya works with Mark to assist HazTab with its marketing strategy and execution. Tanya is the copywriter and strategist of the Customergetters team.

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For Your Workers’ Safety. For Your Bottom Line.

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