Hello, I’m Mark Grant, Founder of HazTab.

markwithtab-optxploreoptI have worked as a mechanical and electrical trades assistant in Central Queensland in mining and construction for a number of years.

I performed maintenance and servicing on wash plants, draglines and shovels and have also worked on the construction of LNG gas processing plants and exploration drilling in Western Australia.

Having spent this time out in the field, the potential safety issues and hazards which are an unfortunate aspect of the industry rapidly became clear to me.

When combined with communication breakdowns and the resulting frustration of hold ups associated with incomplete paperwork, these can be a recipe for disaster.

I often felt that the safety procedures and associated delays, paperwork errors and omissions make matters worse, rather than better.

My colleagues and me were constantly frustrated by excessive downtime at the start of each shift as we would wait for our Supervisor to make his way around the work site one job front at a time, before eventually signing off & authorizing the paperwork (JSEA’s and Permits) which enables us to actually commence work.

I felt concern about the wet, lost, damaged or even potentially stolen paperwork and documentation on site, and could see how this contributed to a lack of employee accountability and increased potential for post incident data tampering.

The need for increased standardization and uniformity became clearer to me as a result of confusion amongst workforces across different sites; but within the same or similar company and industry. I really believe that being ‘on the same page’ would create greater safety and efficiencies across work sites.

The ease and speed of accessibility of the latest versions of documents & resources were frequently hindered and delayed by cumbersome paperwork obligations and the current paper forms really don’t allow for sufficient communication between management and the workforce, especially during end of shift hand overs.

I felt there had to be a better way to enhance the safety requirements paperwork is designed to address, but in a way that wasn’t detrimental to productivity.

A way to better protect all interests.

And so the HazTab (meaning Hazard Tablet Software) concept started to form in my mind.

I researched the idea exhaustively and aligned with Formitize who were happy to help me develop a specific app for the mining and construction industries based on authentic feedback from a person who had actually worked in the field.

Formitize inspection solutions have been internationally recognised

Formitize is the market leading technology solution worldwide for paperless forms and mobile processes.

Their clients include thousands of small sole trader businesses, small and medium enterprises, Government agencies and a wide range of the largest global corporations including GE, Microsoft, Mars, Coca Cola, Samsung and NEC across more than eighty industries globally, so I knew they had the technology and infrastructure to take on this project.

Workplace safety is paramount to me, and I have recently entered into a Corporate Partnership with SIA (Safety Institute Australia) and become a Corporate Member of NSCA (National Safety Council Australia).

I am very excited to be able to bring what I believe is the most comprehensive mining and construction safety and workforce management app on the market today into this industry.