Detailed Overview

wateroptThe HazTab App is a paperless forms and management solution which combines the utility of Formitize and the on-the-ground experience of Director Mark Grant.  It streamlines safety requirements, and helps monitor workflow and productivity in the mining and commercial construction industries.
Downtime and delays have been an inevitable aspect of daily operations on mine sites, as managers and work crews await authorisations to get jobs started. Until now …

Paperwork vs. App

Relying on paperwork is fraught with challenges such as:

  • • Locating lost or damaged paperwork.
  • • A lack of communication, or chronic miscommunication. This is particularly rife during shift handovers, and situations where information must be shared between many parties and across geographically distant sites, simultaneously.
    Keeping track of statistics, and the scope of works and job groups.
  • • Holding employees accountable out in the field, and keeping track of personnel on and off site or working under a “live permit”.
  • • Frustration and loss of productivity due to delayed access to resources such as maps, plans, diagrams, work guides, procedures, reports, data etc.
  • • Dealing with a multitude of forms which require input from different personnel, such as audits, checklists, inspection forms, material safety data sheets, job safety analysis, permits etc.
  • • Endless paperwork that is double or triple handled, and then manually entered into a computer after the fact.
  • • Minimising risk when workers lack or are missing detailed hazard identification.
  • • Patchy accuracy due to only partially completed forms, and non-standardised forms across job sites.
  • • Back tracking through paperwork to locate specific details.
  • • Matching photographs of equipment, tools or machinery with forms regarding the tasks carried out.


Improved risk management

HazTab has been designed to improve risk management capability, increase productivity, standardise forms across job sites, make double and triple handling obsolete, allow staff to work in real time, and assist to minimise human error.

The global mining industry remains largely paper-based leading to huge losses in productivity and efficiencies. Safety Management and Reporting remains largely an arduous, manual task and this directly impacts management’s ability to make timely, informed decisions.

Safety remains a very high priority for all mining related organisations and this adds substantially to the paperwork and related reporting.

The Safety App with Haztab delivers a smart, paperless alternative with a comprehensive suite of integrated technologies.

Features include:

  • • Automated Time and Date Stamping
  • • GPS Tagging
  • • Voice Recording
  • • Integrated Camera
  • • Bar Code scanner
  • • Voice to Text translator
  • • Automated Calculations
  • • Form Validation
  • • Signature Collection
  • • And more than 20 smart features to maximise data collection accuracy and speed.

The solution also includes a secure, cloud based Management Portal designed to receive and process all data collected. The Management Portal similarly includes many advanced features to drive operational efficiencies and processes including:

  • • Dashboard to record submitted form data in real-time
  • • GPS Mapping of Data collected
  • • KPI Reporting on key indicators
  • • Advanced Statistics to provide management with detailed analysis on information being received from the field.
  • • Job Dispatcher enabling specific forms to be partly pre-populated and dispatched to individual field users’ devices.
  • • Resource e-Library enabling documents to be uploaded from the Management Portal and immediately available to field users.
  • • Instant Report Builder with export capapbility
  • • Communication centre with integrated workflow enabling automated communication with dedicated attached reporting.

The combination of the mobile App (that works with or without internet connection) together with the processing, monitoring and reporting capability of the secure Management Portal created the perfect platform for a Safety and Monitoring solution.


Customized Solution

Haztab can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients.
All current field based paper documents can be converted within the smart app to create a paperless environment on site.

This dramatically increases the accuracy of information collected and the compliance of operational procedures. The added advantage of collating and reporting on the information collected in real time together with the searchable archive of all material will transform so many aspects of the mining and construction safety and operational processes.

Documents automatically integrated in the solution include:

  • • Record of Tool Box Meeting
  • • Site Assessment, Safety & Follow Up
  • • Safety Incident Notification
  • • Application Forms
  • • Return to Work Plans
  • • Safety Communications
  • • Job Order Forms
  • • Meeting Minutes
  • • Client Risk Evaluation
  • • Time Sheets
  • • Log Books
  • • And so much more … with many more related documents and forms available.