Smart Features

HazTab makes your workforce’s lives easier with instant access to the latest information, statistics, resources, reports and forms …



In-form Signatures

Management & Supervisors can review, alter and authorise forms from anywhere on/off site or base office. Signature Collection, Improved time management & reduced paperwork.


Desktop, Smart Phone and Tablet Friendly

Work from the office, out on site or on the road. HazTab adapts across Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone & Tablets seamlessly.


Integrated GPS Tracking

Automatically ‘fetch’ your exact location for pinpoint accuracy using your mobile form’s advanced GPS Tracking capability.


Voice Recording

Don’t have time to type? Use the voice recording built into your paperless forms. The voice over feature can be used as a handover between shift changes/job groups, recording comments specific to the task.


Camera Feature

Take, tag, save, and submit photos during job tasks. Document steps in procedures, or capture risks. Explain, present and optimize photos by marking and drawing directly on to the photos.


Streamline Paperwork

 No more double or triple handling paperwork ensures improved accuracy and eliminates the need to manual enter data.


Lock in Accuracy

 Eliminate inaccuracies caused by partially completed forms, non-standardised forms across job sites and data tampering.


Exploit Technology

Use Digital Technology by matching photographs of equipment, tools or machinery with forms regarding the tasks carried out.


Mobile Forms

Create customized mobile forms to suit your business with more than twenty smart-form tools to make your workflow paperless.


Access Resources/E-Library

Workforces can now access resources right there on the spot including Scopes, Risk Rankings, Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Standard Work Guides, SWMS, Maps, Plans, Drawings, MSDS’s & more. Easily flick between forms, job sessions and e-libraries/resources.


Time & Date Stamping

Automatically add time and date to your forms for easy version control. Avoid post-incident data tampering with auto time & date stamping + post authorisation signature requirements.



Save time. Easily search for your company workforce’s trades, tickets, licences and competencies using the search function.


Drawing & Diagrams

Add simple or more complicated drawings and diagrams for effective communication without leaving your smart forms.


Customized Reports

Generate customized, real-time or scheduled reports & have them sent automatically to the right people at the right time instantly.


Auto fill-in boxes.

The Common Auto-Fill function makes filling out multiple check-lists efficient and accurate.


In-form Calculations

Perform simple or more complex calculations right from within your smart forms.


Plot Progress

 HazTab provides Managers with advanced statistics as they see their mobile workforce send & receive smart forms directly from the field.



 Hold employees accountable in the field and monitor personnel on and off site or working under a ‘live permit’.


Instant Cloud Access

 Instant access to resources such as maps, plans, diagrams, work guides, procedures, reports and data improves productivity.


Workflow Contact

Your mobile forms move through your workflow with new sections adding automatically and notifications auto-sent to next users.


Safe and Secure

All of your mobile form data is safely secured in the cloud supported by world leading high availability, fully redundant architecture.


Export Your Data

Our API’s enable integration of data into existing systems, output to standard formats and more than 200 software solutions.



Barcode Scanning

Use the Barcode scanner to bring product details straight into your tablet forms. Great for onsite stores, tools & gear, parts and consumables.


Accident Prevention

 Most important of all. Reduce risks to workers from incomplete, inaccurate, outdated or missing detailed hazard identification.


Instant Form Validation

In-form validation gives you instant feedback from your field workforce. No more wasted time “transporting” forms from the field to the office, or site to site.


Instant Uploads From Field to Database

Capture all the information collected by your mobile workforce in real time. Upload ISO drawings, SWMS’s, MSDS’s, policies, procedures and other resources for easy access to users in the field.


Environmentally friendly

No more cluttered desks, lost, damaged or weathered forms. No avalanche of paperwork to go through and no more printing.


Enhance Communication

 Overcome chronic miscommunication when information has to be shared between multiple parties at remote sites.


No More Lost Paperwork

 Locating lost or damaged paperwork is a thing of the past with Haztab. Share, store update & retrieve documents in the palm of your hand.


Work Online or Offline

No network coverage? No problem! Your App will work perfectly with or without connection and will auto sync when you’re back online.


2-Way Interaction

Management receive instant notification of form submission, new sections appear for comment or action and auto-returned to field user.


Internal Form Data

Integrate simple or complex inter-relational lookup tables and databases directly into your mobile forms for efficiency.


Dashboard/Web Management Portal

Job Dispatcher enables specific forms to be partly pre-populated and dispatched to individual field users’ devices. The Mobile App, combined with the Management Portal creates the perfect “birds-eye-view” for a Safety and Monitoring Solution.