Cam Outridge, Web Manager

Cameron has worked with CEO and Director Mark Grant to manage web development and the HazTab website. Cameron and wife Tanya own CustomerGetters, a marketing firm which develops response-driven strategies across a range of media ‘channels’.

Cameron & Tanya describe themselves as marketing ‘acrobats’, in that they can jump across various platforms and techniques to achieve their goal which is to “get customers” for their clients.

They are a great fit in that Tanya is a creative writer and excellent communicator while Cameron has more expertise on the technical side.

While Tanya is adept at creating a compelling message, Cameron can translate that to the web and its readers, thanks largely to his background as a newspaper owner and editor.

Tanya and Cameron take care of everything under one roof, from site design, social media management and simple but effective marketing strategies … from newsletter design, copywriting and photography, to the technical aspects of publishing online.

This means that clients don’t have to outsource several separate tasks to various isolated ‘specialists’. This saves time and money, avoids communication breakdown and streamlines project execution.

In particular, Cameron is passionate about WordPress Website design and putting together “lead generating systems’.

“I love to put together a digital sales pipeline. It may be as simple as connecting your blog posts to your Facebook page, giving it a bit of a boost and attracting leads, customers and sales with the written word.”

“I passionate about streamlining and simplifying by cutting back to the basics of what people need. I’m constantly looking for new ways to automate lead generation, from SEO to social media strategies, from landing pages to lead magnets and everything in between.”