Mark Grant, HazTab Director

Having learnt many valuable skills during my years of work in the mining and construction industries, the most critical (in my view), have been the importance of safety, and efficiency and how both of these factors impact on a company’s profitability.

I understand both the value of keeping a workforce safe, particularly in an industry that is fundamentally high risk, and that ‘time is money’.

I don’t believe that these issues are mutually exclusive though.

For this reason, I have sought a partnership with a global leader in software and App development (Formitize) to develop the HazTab paperless form concept.

I am not a programmer, nor do I have an IT background, but I believe that is what makes the HazTab app so effective in the field.

The HazTab app has been developed from an ‘in the trenches’ perspective, with input from someone who understands:

  • • The potential for serious physical risk to workers in the field,
  • • Why unnecessary downtime occurs, and
  • • The resulting ongoing impact on productivity.

My company HazTab has been awarded an Accredited Dealer Partnership with Formitize and together we will be bringing state-of-the-art technology into the mining industry to minimise accidents, reduce downtime, streamline workflow, and offer Site and Project Managers absolute control of their projects in real time, from anywhere in the world.

HazTab’s Mission Statement: To be seen as not just a paper solution, but a standardised safety solution through-out multiple industries (Mining & Construction, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil & Gas)

Workplace safety is paramount to me, and I have recently entered into a Corporate Partnership with SIA (Safety Institute Australia) and become a Corporate Member of NSCA (National Safety Council Australia).

I am very excited to be able to bring what I believe is the most comprehensive mobile enterprise paperless forms & automation app on the market today into the industry.