Tanya Outridge, Marketing

Tanya has worked with Mark to help HazTab with its marketing strategy and execution. Tanya and her husband Cameron own CustomerGetters, a marketing firm which concentrates on response-driven marketing across a range of media ‘channels’.

Tanya and Cameron describe themselves as marketing ‘acrobats’, in that they can jump across various platforms and techniques to achieve their goal which is to “get customers” for their clients.

That’s because they specialise in creating a compelling message, which is the common thread of all marketing. Tanya and Cameron can take care of everything from USP consulting, marketing strategy, copywriting and photography, to the technical aspects of publishing online (regardless of the web platform you use; I am proficient in WordPress, Adobe Business Catalyst and Acclipse) and design.

This means that clients don’t have to outsource separate tasks to five different ‘specialists’, saving time and keeping their costs down.

In particular, Tanya is passionate about telling the story behind the business.

“This is hands down my favourite way to illustrate how a particular business is unique. And in a sea of price driven, ‘me too’ style marketing, where consumers are bored with and mistrustful of limp USP’s and meaningless advertising cliches, being able to define how a business is special in a way that prospects can respond to emotionally, is enormously gratifying.”

“Importantly, I understand the importance of return on investment, so I work fast, I maximise every piece of work I get (like cooking a chicken and serving it many ways), and I strive to work around business owners who are time poor, and simply need to get on with the business of making money.”